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The following is our fee schedule.  As you may note the fees may differ for vaired clients.  The noted differences are usually to requirements of a lender, federal or state agency as opposed to a private appraisal which is typically referred to as a “Restricted Use” Appraisal, General Purpose Appraisal Report (GPAR).

The fee noted herein may vary or change without notice so when calling to order or discuss an appraisal.

TYPE APPRAISAL                              PRIVATE AND ATTORNEY                                LENDER                               

Single Family Residence                  From $350.00                                                     From $450.00

2-4 Family                                          From $450.00                                                     From $550.00

Condo/Coop                                      From $350.00                                                     From $475.00

Land/Lot                                            From $350.00                                                     From $450.00

Commercial                                      By Quote                                                             By Quote            

Expert Witness                                $200/hr                                                                $200/hr

Bail Bond Appraisal                          From $175.00 for DriveBy for one family residence

Bankruptcy Appraisal                     From $175.00 for DriveBy for one family residence

As noted all fees are subject to change without notice.

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